Hi there! Welcome to my website. As LC, I’m a fantasy/paranormal suspense romance author. I also have an alter ego–Charlene Roberts–writing Regency and historical romance stories cuz I love the genre so much. While I’ve been writing for awhile, I’m starting fresh with new pen names, so the site is a little bare. But I hope to change that soon!

I’ve loved the written word since childhood. My introduction to fantasy and romance novels came at an early age, when I started reading Lord of the Rings and Barbara Cartland in high school. On most days, you can find me with my nose buried in a book.

The writing began as a dare, and happily I accepted. Adding suspense and romance to my fantasy writing felt natural. As for Regency, staying within their strict rules is a challenge I love taking on.

I hope you enjoy the creativity and love I put into each story I imagine. 🙂 Take a look around, and feel free to sign up for my newsletter, or shoot me an email at char.alleyne@gmail.com. I love to hear from readers!