DRAGON REBORN (Lords of Lysuhóll Book 1) available at:


Balthazar Andal lost his dragon scale centuries ago in a fight against his brother, shifting him permanently into a human. He has spent decades searching for it to no avail. As a wealthy business investor, he uses his financial influence to bring in archeological groups to assist in his search. Without the scale, he barely controls his dragon spirit Bal, who threatens to overpower him. If Balthazar is not careful in maintaining his restraint, they’ll die.

Archeologist Eva Haraldsdóttir discovers an Icelandic artifact that Balthazar Andal is very interested in, and during a charity event, she explains its importance. Eva is intrigued by Mr. Andal’s knowledge of history, and even more so with the handsome businessman.An unexpected assault on her life propels Eva into Balthazar’s world of ancient folklore and disturbing legends. The strange noises coming from his basement reveals a truth that Eva never expects, and she must decide—either run away and allow Balthazar to fade into myth, or overcome her instinctive fears to help him reclaim his true identity.

DRAGON REDEEMED (Lords of Lysuhóll Book 2) available at:


Researcher Angelica Hernandez finds a disturbing shift in the dormant Aguilera Volcano. She desperately requires additional resources and money to investigate the highly unusual phenomenon, and the only person willing to help is the arrogant businessman who interrupted her class.

Dragon shifter Ti Anda discovers Ange’s tantalizing scent during an informal visit to the university. He offers to sponsor Ange’s research mission, and even volunteers to help with her fieldwork. Ti’s reasons are personal—his dragon has claimed the woman and the volcano as his own.When saboteurs threaten Ange and her project, Ti’s protective instincts reveal a truth that Ange is unwilling to believe. Ti will have to convince her that his unique ability to shapeshift doesn’t change anything between them—or risk losing the woman who belongs in his life.