Dragon Redeemed

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Ti is…complicated. As the eldest of the Anda dragon clan, he assumed he would be the heir to their parents’ hoard. So imagine his anger when Bal, the second son, inherits it. A challenge to fight for the hoard result in Ti’s defeat, and he leaves his family home.

He returns years later for another round. However, Bal is whole and even stronger. He heads back to Chile despite his brothers’ pleas for reconciliation. And in the midst of his frustrations, Ti catches the scent of his potential mate.

I enjoyed writing this story, because you have a guy who wants revenge, but with a chance at happily ever after, he has to make decisions that don’t always sit well with him ­čśŤ And Ange is not a woman to just fall for him either; she makes him work for it. Throw in a bit of betrayal and some scary moments, and Ti redeems himself in a most satisfying way.