Dragon Reborn

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Ah, dragons…fascination has always surrounded these mythical creatures. My first taste of them was from Lord of the Rings, when I read the books as a young teenager. As the years went by, I looked for any books that had them as the main feature.

So imagine my surprise when I started reading about them in romance novels! I couldn’t get enough. I branched off to fantasy novels (Temeraire by Naomi Novik being a perfect example; I need to re-read those!)

When I started writing, I would have thought paranormal romance would be my thing – um, no. I started with contemporary, and when that didn’t work out, I moved to historical, which was a bit better. After years of trial and error, I started writing PNR and fantasy, and haven’t looked back.

I wanted to do something different with my first dragon series. I thought “what if a dragon lost his/her scale?” They don’t grow back (as far as I could tell). I had my dragon shifter revert back to human form, and where his scale should be, in its place is a wound that doesn’t fully heal. And Balthazar, of Dragon Reborn, was created.